The connection between VAP and iPhone4 works really fine

March 7th, 2011 No comments

The connection between VAP and my iPhone4 works really fine. But after the iPhone has “calmed down” ande is switched on again, it is impossible to connect again; the wifi-sign is shown on the iPhone-display, but there is no connetion to internet. I have always to re-start your program totally.

Pls find the bug and give an update to me.


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Creat Ad-Hoc WIFI connection and share wired laptop connection to iPad

March 7th, 2011 No comments

Hello Virtual AP Team,

Thank you very much for creating this very nice little tool, which simplifies the creation of an ad-hoc WIFI connection and sharing my wired laptop connection. While I followed all instructions and my iPad is now connected to my laptop wirelessly


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Why can’t share internet?

March 7th, 2011 No comments


I am trying to make virtual access point to work. If I can get this to work well we may end up purchasing as many as 60 lisences.

The error I am seeing states “Sorry, it was failed to share your internet”. I have no idea why this is. It states that “My Connection through which internet goes live” is connected. This connection is through a PCMCIA ev-do modem (verizon). Verizon’s software states that it is connected. The “Wireless Connection Status” says “Disconnected” and the “Start Sharing” button is enabled. When I click this “Start Sharing” button I get the “Sorry, it was failed to share your internet” error. Is there any log file available? Any idea what can cause this?

I am logged in as the administrator.


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Broadcast SSID for iPod touch

March 7th, 2011 No comments

1.Hello Virtual AP Team,
Just purchased your software today. Seemed to work fine for a few moments, until for some reason suddenly I could still see the network created by Virtual AP but I could not connect to the internet through it. I then realised that on my computer the wireless network was listed as an ad-hoc network which my other devices (like iPod touch) presumably can’t connect to. How do I rectify this?

2.Extra info that might be helpful: It is from a Vodafone 3g usb dongle that I’m trying to create a wireless network (interestingly enough it was working at the very start). Also, at no stage on my iPod touch is there any information displayed for the ip address and subnet mask fields of the “Virtual Access Point”.

3.I got it working again recently, but then after I change network connections it is very hard to make virtual ap work properly again. What is the best order to do things in? Also, if Virtual AP says that you are connected to the internet but is not broadcasting the ssid, what is the step to take? I always know it’s going to work when Virtual AP starts up and broadcast the ssid before I have clicked share internet in the application.

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Infrastructure or AdHoc network

March 7th, 2011 No comments


I have a windows vista laptop. I can create adhoc network. I have some devices that l want connected to my laptop. They can only connect to infrastructure/ap and not adhoc. Will the software allow this?


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Sony Vaio Ux-280p mini notebook

March 7th, 2011 No comments


I have an Sony Vaio Ux-280p mini notebook, it has a tiny display of about 5 inches.

I was looking for a virtual access point to use it to share 3G Internet to an iPad.

Your product work fine, I was testing it, and I think it’s what I need

But, there is an issue. I have to use large fonts (120 dpi) on the Vaio, or the display is completely unreadable.

and I’m using the 1024×768 configuration, the highest the video accept on such display.

In this configuration, your software look like this:
As you can see I can’t access the Share and Stop Sharing buttons.

I tried expanding the window, reducing, etc. but with no success. If I switch to normal font (96 dpi) I can access the buttons, but the display is almost unreadable.

I think it could be quite useful to have an scroll bar to scroll down the window, so I can access the buttons. Or maybe you know some workaholic to access the buttons?

Please let me know if this will be addressed in a future version.


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Acer/HP/iPhone 4

March 7th, 2011 No comments

I have Virtual Access Point Version 3 trial version

I get to the point where I can see the wireless network it creates,
but I get the dreaded 169 IP address when I look at the details on my
iPhone. This should be a 192.168.x.xx address. Where is your software
getting the IP address, gateway and subnet mask from? I don’t see any
options for either DHCP or static IP addresses. I would prefer a
static IP address, but I can live with DHCP

I have a Sitecom USB wireless device on the PC (a laptop without an
on-board wireless adapter) which I use for sharing the connection.

My other PC uses an Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 and I can see the
wireless network from here (It’s the only one within range). It says
I am “joined” rather than “connected”, but PINGing my own FTP server
fails. What I haven’t tried yet is using this PC as the “host”.
Do I need to install your software on this PC and connect from there
rather than from the Wreless WiFi Link? If this is the case, then why
don’t I need to install anything on the iPhone?

Is there any kind of manual for your software?

Windows XP Professional SP3 on both PCs
DSL modem Ethernet connected to router. PCs connected to the RJ45s on
the router

Laptop 1 – Acer 1355LC with Sitecom USB wireless adapter
Laptop 2 – Acer 7730G with own on-board wireless adapter. If it’s not
possible for the host to be Laptop 1, I could use this one, but I
prefer this one stays with a cable connection
Laptop 3 – HP with own on-board wireless adapter. Not tried yet, but
this one cannot be the host.
And of course an iPhone4

Thanks in advance for any pointers

Best regards

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Is Virtual AP supposed to broadcast the SSID?

March 7th, 2011 No comments

I purchased Virtual AP for use on my Dell XPS M140 laptop running
WinXP.  I have the A/B/G WiFi card installed and my iPod can’t see the
AP that I expect Virtual AP to provide.  Is Virtual AP supposed to
broadcast the SSID?

I’ve attached a screen shot of the window in case there is something
wrong with how the program is operating.  I don’t know if this is
relevant, but I do use the free ZoneAlarm firewall.

If you want more details, let me know how I can help you.

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To reply

September 17th, 2010 No comments

Thanks for your response to my emails. I do have one question which may go toward an idiosyncrasy with the product or with my iPod… or I’m just not doing it right. I can’t put my finger on it yet but there seems to be some requirement to connect things in a certain order to make it go. ie:
1)connect to the internet
2)start v-ap
3)establish wifi connectivity between the iPod and laptop – at this point the wifi settings in the iPod (for the SSID: Virtual Access Point) will show a ip address and subnet
4)then ‘start sharing’ in v-ap application – at this point (or some moments later) the wifi settings in the iPod will show data in the remaining fields: router, dns and search domains
5)only once this happens can you connect through to the Internet with the iPod.
What I have experienced is that if you ‘start sharing’ before the wifi connection is fully established the iPod does not receive the additional settings (router, dns and search domains) and therefore cannot get through to the Internet. In this case the iPod and laptop may look like they are connected (by wifi) but the additional data (router, dns and search domains) do not come through to the iPod.

Sorry if this is a little long winded, but any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Virtual Access Point on Windows XP for iPod

September 16th, 2010 No comments

Hi Virtual AP Team (again),
Please disregard my last message (below).  I am not sure what I did
(maybe a little more patience was required) but it is now working.  I am
sorry to have sent the last message with such haste.  This is a great
product and I will most certainly be ordering a permanent licence.  Well
done.  You have done what WinXP only claims to be able to do.


From: James
Sent: Wednesday, 15 September 2010 2:46 PM
Subject: Virtual Access Point Comments

Hello Virtual AP Team,

I have downloaded the software and configured – very cool!.  all looks
like it is working, but my ipod touch can not access the internet.  I
have included some screenshots to show what’s happening.  can you help?
my ipod wireless network settings and attempt to connect.

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